April 29, 2011

Interview with Kenzie Faith

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Kenzie of Kenzie Faith. She runs a great blog and never disappoints with the photos she posts. She's also very friendly & sweet! Here's what she had to say about her blog & her style.

S: How did you get into blogging?
K: One day, I was on Google, searching for outfit ideas when I found a blog called Le Quaintrelle. From there, I found so many other inspiring blogs and immediately fell in love with the “blogosphere.” Soon after, I started “Kenzie Faith“!

S: What is your favorite part about your blog?
K: It provides a fun way to share creativity and to find inspiration! Also, I’ve met the loveliest people along the way.

S: Do you take your own outfit photos or have someone help?
K: I rarely take my own outfit photos thanks to my beautiful sister, Kelsi. I’m so thankful for her. My tripod photos just don’t compare!

S: How would you describe your style?
K: I’m never sure how to answer that question, but through blogging I’m starting to learn what I like and what I don’t like. I’ve noticed that I seem to lean more towards simplicity and modesty. For the most part, over the top just really isn’t me!

S: Who are your style icons and influences?
K: I absolutely adore Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s style. Also, Lauren Conrad!

S: What are your three spring must-haves?
K: Cat-eye sunglasses, Sandal wedges & a floppy hat!

S: What is your favorite day look - for just running errands, shopping or having lunch with friends?

K: I usually find myself feeling most confident/comfortable in a loose shirt worn with a fitted skirt, tights and flats! 

S: What is your favorite night look - for going out on special evenings or to parties?
Night out
K: A baby doll dress paired with heels, a clutch and a curly hair-do!
S: What advice can you give other aspiring fashion and/or lifestyle bloggers?
K: Don’t be too influenced! Stay true to yourself and always blog about what you like.

S: Anything exciting in store for the future of your blog?
K: I’m actually thinking about starting a blog shop! I’m hoping to make things like totes, hair bows and bracelets :)
  Stay tuned for future blog interviews & a giveaway, coming soon!

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