January 14, 2011

Long Hiatus

I'm back and rebuilding the website from the ground up. I have a lot of ideas in the works, so in time Toot-Sweet should be able to grow and expand. Currently, I'm working on crafting ribbon necklaces, dessert rings, aprons, skirts and maybe some handbags thrown in there as well. For now, watch this space for updates and blog posts. I'm messing around with different comment systems for the site & hopefully will have a functional feedback system up and running soon.

We're already halfway through January and with spring just around the corner, I can't help but think about spring. Spring is one of my favorite seasons by far. The temperature is cool with just the right amount of warmth. Spring conjures up images of breezy cotton dresses, pastel hues and lightweight sandals and ballet flats. My perfect spring outfit would definitely include the aforementioned dress, preferably with lace detail, and some great accessories. I also like makeup that reminds me of desserts such as the cake gloss and neapolitan ice cream eye shadows below (when I was little, I used to think it was napoleon icecream!) While the set incorporates pieces that are both inexpensive and indulgent, it's a far cry from the designer chic $1,000 clothing and accessories I drool over at Net-a-porter. For now, I'll settle for thrifted vintage cream slips and Forever21 jackets until I've become a million dollar mogul and can afford to drop $2,000 on an Alexander McQueen dress

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