March 21, 2011

Daily Inspiration

Another serving of Monday's of eye candy inspiration to get you through each day. This week, I've opted for food, each complete with a recipe for you to try your hand at if you click the photos. Happy cooking!

Breakfast: The perfect cinnamon bun. Mmmm, reminds me of Sunday mornings as a kid. My mom always made cinnamon buns. Albeit they were "fresh" from the blue can with the image of the pudgy dough boy on it, but they were good enough for me! I liked mine with extra icing.

Lunch: Tandori Chicken Tacos. I've never had tandori chicken before, but if it once clucked, chances are I'll probably like it. Throw practically anything in a warm tortilla and call it a "taco," and I'd eat it! I have yet to try I-Carly's "spaghetti tacos" though. I'm game!

Dinner: Four Cheese Macaroni (Haley, this one's for you!) Again, I've never made homemade mac since I never have the time, but I've been known to snarf plenty of the Kraft variety. Homemade mac and cheese definitely beats any store bought kind, though.

Dessert: Cake Batter Milkshake! (Because 364 days out of the year, you can celebrate an unbirthday)

Cocktails: A martini that tastes like Pop Rocks...AND gets your very, very drunk? Sounds like my kind of drink!

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  1. '20-something biology nerd, party enthusiast & shopaholic :)'

    Funny write-up, but yes academic types like to party as well, right Shell?;)

    I just finished up my PhD (Theology/Philosophy of Religion) in late 2010, I have not got to the shopaholic part yet (too many student debts) but my PhD grad party is next week.

    Hmm, that milkshake.

    Dr. Russ Murray