March 22, 2011

How I am single-handedly fixing the economy

I think I shop too much. Probably no more than any other 20-something girl who has a job to pay for things and is slightly fashion obsessed (ok, a lot fashion obsessed). I'm no Rebecca Bloomwood, but I have been known to throw down the plastic quite often because I a.) rarely carry cash, b.) make 85% of my purchases online and c.) am a huge impulse buyer and advertisers love me. I'll see something new & instantly want it. Whether it's a new flavor of Quaker chewy bars singing a siren song from the shelves or a pair of gorgeous, but overpriced, sky high glitter pumps encrusted with crystals that probably resemble stripper heels (but my impulsion simply translates that to "SHOES!!!!!"), it doesn't matter. I'll still have to have it.

For such reasons, I tend to probably spend more than I should on things I probably don't need. Don't even get me started on what it's like walking into the new Forever 21 that's roughly the size of Texas. It's Mecca - and will probably rob me of all my paychecks. While some things I can hold back on such as important things like shampoo, new razor blades or paper towels, I am powerless against shoes. There is something about a really sexy pair of pumps (especially unique or embellished ones) that just make me melt. As Becky Bloomwood would say, it kind of does make your heart go like hot butter sliding down warm toast. Then again, I'm probably just crazy. I wear 4-5 inch heels with platforms or crazy designs and walk around or dance in them for hours. Most of my roommates think I really am crazy with my shoe choices - mostly because they aren't the fashionista type. My closet is essentially a personal store for my roommates who can peruse my rack of clothes and put together the perfect outfit without spending a dime since I have so many new things.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. In the three days I have been home visiting my family, I've already accumulated a handful of new items. Sunday I purchased a Kenneth Cole top, a blue striped cardigan and a pair of jean shorts, as well as St. Ive's apricot scrub (love that stuff!) and some blush & bronzer. Today I got mascara (Lash Stiletto), a scarf, 2 magazines, Paul Frank coconut lip gloss (that smells like summer), a marshmallow peep and a bottle of biotin pills. Biotin is apparently the Jesus of all vitamins when it comes to hair & nail growth, so I figured I'd try it since my nails are awful and brittle. I blame it on my nailbiter mother - a trait in which heredity decided to bestow upon me as well.

I'm also going to try the Lash Stiletto because I've read rave reviews about it, and it can be used in conjunction with other mascaras to create the illusion of false eyelashes. I saw this on YouTube, and the girl's god-given lashes really look like she has false lashes on! It's amazing actually. Somehow, I doubt I will be able to get the same results.

During my YouTube travels, I also came across a really hilarious girl who makes a lot of joke makeup tutorials. The best part about these entertaining videos is her commentary as she goes along. She has all kinds of tutorials: Whore makeup, Angelina (from Jersey Shore), Black Swan... Check out her channel. She does other videos besides tutorials that are also equally as funny. I think the Avatar tutorial is one of my favorites, though.


  1. I feel like I have a bit of a shopping problem too! Like I know I need to save money but I will walk into T.J. Maxx looking strictly for a jewelry box and will walk out with two tops and a cardigan (not that this happened to me yesterday, nope). I'm going to try taking only $30 out of my paychek to spend/save on whatever I want, and save the rest for bills/groceries/saving.

    I've experimented heavily with mascaras because of my thin stubby Asian lashes and can agree that Lash Stiletto does make your lashes look fake - like she said though, use a volumizing mascara too, because Lash Stiletto only adds length and unless you have naturally thick lashes, it looks like of spooky. Covergirl The Falsies mascara is a pretty good double duty that stays put all day too!

  2. that avatar video made me LOL so frickin much. x

    Jane xox