March 24, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Taking a page from Gala's blog, I might want to start doing "Things I Love Thursdays" because it's such a good idea, to simply post the things you are thankful for/loving/obsessing over that week!

Cupcakes! B & I  had a cupcake adventure yesterday involving Gigi's cupcakes, sequin bunny ears and vintage dresses (pictures coming soon!) The wind did not at all cooperate with us, however. In the end, we ended up in my backyard taking the majority of our photos before devouring our icing-mountain cupcakes. The ladies at Gigi's looked at us strangely when we sashayed in through the doors in our poofy dresses and ordered a box of cupcakes. We chose four flavors: Banana Split, Champagne, Birthday & Margarita. As far as cupcakes go, they were delicious. Banana split was probably more banana-y than I would have liked but it did taste exactly like a banana sundae. Champagne is basically just vanilla; pretty to look at but nothing exciting. The birthday one was just like birthday cake, complete with pink frosting and sprinkles. The margarita cupcake was my favorite. In theory, it sounds a little disgusting. In reality, just picture a bright green cupcake that smells strangely like ice cream but tastes like lemon-limey-minty-cupcake with hints of margarita flavor. Muddy's Bake Shop is still my favorite place for cupcakes. The grasshopper cupcake is my favorite (chocolate cupcake with light green peppermint icing). If you're even in the Memphis area, definitely put Muddy's on your to-do list!

Reading! Books, fashion magazines, blogs. It seems like I've been buying up all sorts of fashion magazines lately. Elle, Food network, Vogue... I haven't even gotten around to reading them yet! They are stacked all neatly on my bedside table. I'm also currently in the middle of reading Lo Bosworth's The Lo-Down & I just recently finished Tucker Max's second book, Assholes Finish First. If you haven't read any of his stuff, go get his first book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. It's essentially a collection of his drunken adventures and sexual escapades. Truly hilarious, though!

Other things I love:
+ Homemade honey chicken & vegetables + Glee + Hello Kitty bandaids + Cocktails with old friends + Bacon bleu burgers from Majestic Grill + Paul Frank coconut lipgloss that smells like coconut sun tan lotion + Perusing the web pages of the local animal shelter & fawning over all the dogs I want to adopt + Vintage Easter-egg colored dresses + Birthday cake & mint yogurt with sprinkles from Gracie Bleu + Meeting friends for lunch and learning all about big, juicy secrets!


  1. margarita cupcakes sound so delicious! i made margarita shortbread cookies once and they were time consuming but awesome. definitely need to look into making some margarita cupcakes (margarita ice cream is on my list for when the weather gets warmer too).

  2. super cute blog. Iv just started following you and am excited to read more! :)

  3. cool idea! your interview is up! under the tab at the top! hopefully you will post a link to my page on your blog!


  4. thanks for the follow! glad you like the blog!

    B - the interview looks great! thank you so much for the opportunity!